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  1. ajamils

    This is helping me with the wait

    Can't see it since I don't have Insta account.
  2. ajamils

    My CT5-V Blackwing #14

    Good luck with the future. I wish it was more loaded as I would have definitely be interested. I have similar build on order.
  3. ajamils

    My CT5-V Blackwing #14

    What are the specs?
  4. ajamils

    Throttle House CT5 V BW review

    Already posted in consolidated media dump thread. https://www.cadillacvnet.com/forums/threads/media-dumps.1834/post-17033
  5. ajamils

    Site Update: Official Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Registry

    Pm me your VIN, I can try to get it for you.
  6. ajamils

    Media dumps

    I think if Cadillac had released it separately it would have gotten a lot more attention. Right now it is completely over shadowed by the bigger sister.
  7. ajamils

    Media dumps

  8. ajamils

    Trunk Carpet

    Checked mine is the same. Cost cutting or weight reduction? Also, I noticed that yours pic shows two speakers. Mine only has one in the middle. I didn't know that there was different speaker configuration between CT5 and CT4.
  9. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    This is what I'm thinking...
  10. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Thanks. Still trying to decide on the build. Pretty sure I want to go with Orange still not sure about interior. Safe bet would be just stick with my CT4-BW config (Electric blue + Sky cool gray).
  11. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    When you get a chance could you take few exterior and interior pics in sunlight?
  12. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Yep, that's the concern I have and that's why I have kept it with Cool gray/Black. Which is light color as well but I think it goes fine with any external color.
  13. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Beautiful. How do you like the tan seats? Are they light color (close to mustard)?
  14. ajamils

    AKG Audio.......

    I do not have connection issue with Android Auto either but how is the audio quality?
  15. ajamils

    2022 Cadillac CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing Order Tracking

    With plant being down for two weeks, I'm sure we will see further delays.
  16. ajamils

    Distribution Updates - Week of 9-13-2021

    In short, other than Dark Emerald Frost not being available nothing else applies to BW?
  17. ajamils

    AKG Audio.......

    Pretty similar experience as me. I have the ZFold3 (cannot get any more latest in Android world) and I experience the same issue as you. At first I thought it was just some setting issue so I played with equalizer settings on car and on my phone but cannot get good sound via wireless Android...
  18. ajamils

    CT5-V Tan Interior

    In this video specially, these look really light color. Also, I might be okay with the seats in that color but I'm just not liking the door handles. They just look out of place.
  19. ajamils

    Tall Steve's Blackwing

    Beautiful. Did you order your CT4-BW with same configuration?
  20. ajamils

    CT5-V Blackwing - How Long is the Model Run?

    I read somewhere that it would be a 3 year model run but given the Cadillac's track record and the market is changing, who knows. If you are interested in buying new then I would suggest you place an order and HODL. It will be a while (6-8 months) before you will see the car. Otherwise just wait...
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