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  1. ajamils

    CT5-V Tan Interior

    Did anyone choose Tan interior for their CT5-BW? If so, could you please post some pictures? It would be even better if you have Orange exterior color. P.S: I have already seen the pics posted by @GTASTS97 on delivery thread.
  2. ajamils

    CT5-V Panoramic Sunroof?

    Has anybody seen (or ordered) CT5 with Panoramic sunroof? I have seen most reviews on YT and online but I yet to find a review with one. Looks like most of the cars that were given to reviewers were slick top.
  3. ajamils

    CT5-V Interior Quality

    Those who are lucky enough to receive their BW cars, how are you finding the fit, finish and quality of the interior? Granted most might not care about it as it makes up for any thing lacking with its performance (and manual transmission) but considering the almost six figure price tag do you...
  4. ajamils

    Delivery Thread - Post Pictures Here!

    Looks like some of the lucky owners are starting to get their car and instead of having multiple threads it would be great if we can consolidate them into one. Please post pictures/ videos here :)
  5. ajamils

    CT4-V CT4-V BW Engine

    I was just looking at the Window sticker of my car and noticed an interesting thing that engine is made in "Austria"? Didn't knew of anything other than Glocks being made there 🙂
  6. ajamils

    PPF, Ceramic coating and interior protection??

    Looks like the cars are finally starting to move so I would like start the discussion about post delivery plan. I have never gotten my car protected with coating or ppf other than the front bra that I got installed on my Subaru Legacy GT. I usually only get tints and that's it. Since CT4-BW is...
  7. ajamils

    Exclusive Gifts?

    Other than the trip to the V-Academy at Spring Mountain, has anybody heard of any other gifts for the first 500 owners? I was told by my dealer that there will be "mystery" gift but there are no more details. I am hoping that Cadillac comes through and add something exclusive for the first...
  8. ajamils

    CT4-V Oddities

    Like others, I'm anxiously waiting for my CT4-BW to arrive but since there is nothing better to do than to look at online pictures and do comparisons. I have following rants about the choices that Cadillac made with CT4-BW. Hopefully, I'm not the only one overthinking it :) 1) Why is there no...
  9. ajamils

    Opinion about ceramic coating?

    Our cars are still few months away but I've been doing some research about ceramic coating. I've never gotten it done before but this time I'm plan on getting it done. The dealer where I ordered my car from is offer it for around $1500. What do you guys think? Also, there seem to be multiple...
  10. ajamils

    CT4-V Difference in pillar material

    Maybe I've spent way too much time on the digital brochure site but did anyone else notice that there is a difference in the pillar material even within the high end interiors? Cool gray and Tan interior get matching sueded-microfiber a pillar while black and rest of the interiors get regular...
  11. ajamils

    Transmission Choice

    Which transmission did you choose for your CT4/CT5 BW?
  12. ajamils

    Torch Red Seat belts

    Has anybody ordered the red seat belts with their build? I'm thinking about it as it will look good with cool gray interior. But in one the pics I noticed that the middle seat belt for back seat is black and rest are red. Why is that? What do you guys think? Worth the extra $400?
  13. ajamils

    Post your order specs!

    If you are one of the lucky few who have already already ordered their CT4-V or CT5-V. Let's consolidate the specs here.
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