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    Winter Wheels and Tires

    These are sold now. An individual picked them up a couple of weeks ago.
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    I’ve found the secret sauce (track pads)

    Hit me up. I have a front set of these pads you can have for cheap. They only had half a track day and less than 2k street miles.
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    Winter Wheels and Tires

    I'm not sure what came about for the 5BW in this thread, but if it were me, I'd just run a 275/35/19 all around. They can fit on 9" to 11" wheels and there are a pile of options for that tire size. So just decide if you want to rotate or not for square wheel vs staggered and then grab a set of...
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    Winter Wheels and Tires

    If anyone is in MI and needs a cheap set of used winter tires for their 4BW, I put a thread up in the for sale section. I'll probably hang onto them for another month and a half then recycle them.
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    ct4v bw exhaust valve rattle

    Mine did. I honestly just ignored it because my last two vehicles had a bit of a valve rattle as well.
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    Do you actually use the HUD?

    I had a HUD in my last car and did not have it in the BW. I'm indifferent about it as an option. I spend a vast majority of my driving with my cruise on, going places I know. I do find it useful when driving to a new destination to have my driving directions and speed limit posted in a HUD...
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    RS3 Test Drive

    I think the RS3 is the more charismatic street car. The drive train is more than fine for what most people are willing to do on the street and the engine is great. The 2023 update really got the car to where it needed to be. If it was the hatch, I would have gotten that instead. As an...
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    Front Bucket Seat Bolsters

    He doesn't slum with us lowly 4 owners.
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    For Sale CT4 BW Items - Brake Pads, Winter Tires, Emblems - 48706 Zip

    Figured I'd put it here in case others needed one as well.
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    Front Bucket Seat Bolsters

    The mid tier seats use the same seat base as the top tier seats. But they use cloth instead of leather and they don't have the message function or cooling function. The seat pad under the material is softer and the seat itself has a bit more give. So you get the better bolstering of the...
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    Current 2024 Lease Terms

    It's MF multiplied by 2400. So .0031 is 7.44 %.
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    Front Bucket Seat Bolsters

    You don't find the mid tier seats comfortable?
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    Current 2024 Lease Terms

    GM doesn't want to lease these cars. When they came out 2 years ago, they had inflated MF and low residuals. But, in regards to what your asking, if you ever have question on residuals / MF then look at Edmunds. They have a forum section with threads for nearly all vehicles. This month, the...
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    Official Cyber Yellow Thread

    Those pics you posted make that yellow really look like Dijon Mustard.
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    Bumpy and uneven roads

    I guess it would depend on how bad the road is?
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    Black Emblems

    Haha I had to have a friend help me when I replaced the struts on my 987.2. We did it in my garage with just a floor jack.
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