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  1. Slick Blackwing

    2.5 months down and still not ordered.

    After 24+ months car produced! This time we didn’t give in on anything, waiting game for shipping at this point hope it takes 2 months.
  2. Slick Blackwing

    Seeing Blue (Wave vs. Coastal)

    One on right looks deeper! JM2C
  3. Slick Blackwing

    Separating CT4-V CT5-V CT6-V Blackwings

    Our A10 is a glorious car, shift so fast any RPM. Haven’t heard of anyone complaining about grinding/ notchy feel or needing replacement of A10! Both car are excellent, we have 6 speed being built now(3400) I’ll let you all know what we think of them after some miles it will be 1600 miles home...
  4. Slick Blackwing

    Though market adjustments were a thing of the past? Not in Florida

    Sewell has 20‘ edition 5 BW in transit $160,000!🤔
  5. Slick Blackwing

    Water on the Driver's side floor mat and carpet

    Check seam/joint top windshield, someone else had same problem
  6. Slick Blackwing

    Blackwing Constraints Tracker

    Well we might have longest wait 2 + YEARS since we first placed order 10/25/21! This go around refused to compromise on anything, thanks to our A10 BW the wait for 6 spd wasn’t an issue. Thanks to BWK Dustin at Sewell’s Dallas TPW11/20.😎
  7. Slick Blackwing

    Paint Chip - Help

    Dr colorchip
  8. Slick Blackwing

    Post your current drive modes

    Touring mode 95% for street more than adequate IMOP
  9. Slick Blackwing

    We can't have nice things...

    VIDEO & F!CK clearly means he wen back and reported to his supervisor right! Obviously not, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t immediately request a new part to repair damage. Many of these people don’t realize how low these cars are. Sorry for your dilemma I feel your pain!
  10. Slick Blackwing

    Weight reduction

    Upper left corner of scale house, #4260.
  11. Slick Blackwing

    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    Only thing that saved us is the A10 BW we’ve had for past20 months!😎
  12. Slick Blackwing

    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    Well after 20 months Dustin @ Sewell’s emailed us to say order excepted and at 3000 status! This time we held out for carbon. I guess will find out what all the hype is about the standard trans!
  13. Slick Blackwing

    Weight reduction

    A10, steel brake, mid seat, sunroof, full fuel
  14. Slick Blackwing

    CT5-V CT5 Blackwing Oil potentially wrong?

    Need Statement like that needs to be backed up with facts! Ever since mobile change their labeling, everything’s become even more confusing.
  15. Slick Blackwing

    Deliveries stopped due to UAW strike?

    Once invoiced to dealer usually means it’s going to be on its way.
  16. Slick Blackwing

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    2 weeks + in garage, couldn’t take it anymore! Out for leisurely drive! 😝 LOL First 10,000 miles have been GREAT
  17. Slick Blackwing

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    How many miles? 30,000 thou?
  18. Slick Blackwing

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    Nope, don’t bother they supply CLEAN head socks helmet r fine. Not going 150 MPH, not that you can’t get hurt in my opinion not necessary! Have fun! Cheers
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