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  1. sandstrs

    Next New Cadillac Video

    Here you go... https://www.cadillac.com/meet-blackwing-pit-crew#elevated-luxury
  2. sandstrs

    Build Process Timeline and Tracking

    Questions: 1. Does anyone know how we will be able to track our vehicles, post 3800? (e.g., inspection, shipping, dealership arrival estimate, etc.); and, 2. What is the normal timeline for 3400-3800? From 3800-5000? I understand that these times are anything but normal in the automotive...
  3. sandstrs

    New Cadillac video

  4. sandstrs

    GM Grand River Plant to Shut down again

    https://www.wilx.com/2021/05/10/gm-grand-river-pausing-once-again/ "LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - General Motor’s Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant is putting the brakes on production once again. The facility just reopened one week ago after a seven-week shut down due to a lack of micro-chips...
  5. sandstrs

    New video "Control" on cadillac

  6. sandstrs

    CT5-V Blackwing wheel gap

    Just curious and will know more when I see one in person, but doesn't the wheel gap in the CT5-v Blackwing look more than the CTS-V? my 2018 CTS-V (all stock) has very little wheel gap and it looks great. maybe the pictures make it hard to tell.
  7. sandstrs

    Rob - Thank you, You are the best!

    I (like a most of you) am on numerous car forums from numerous brands I have or have had. I just thought to write down my appreciation for how much Rob is doing for all of us on this board. Rob, you are one of the most responsive people I have ever seen on a board. As well, Cadillac and the...
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