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    Media dumps

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    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Window tint, black badges and roof wrapped in gloss black.
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    Wait is over, but had some issues

    UPDATE: I found the problem. I hate to admit it, but clearly I didn’t look carefully enough at the air intake. I guess my wife has been right all along, apparently I don’t look carefully enough. According to her, I “man look” for stuff. Anyways, I looked more carefully and noticed the big...
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    Wait is over, but had some issues

    Thank you! I love the color. I am having the roof wrapped in gloss black and black badges installed, as well. I will post some pictures later.
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    Wait is over, but had some issues

    The car was built on 5/25 and delivered to the dealership on 7/12. So it sat for almost 2 months.
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    Wait is over, but had some issues

    Hi, After waiting for almost 2 years, I finally picked up my 6MT CT5V BW this weekend. Car is amazing and like everyone says, it is definitely worth the wait. Unfortunately, after only 40 miles I already had an issue. Yesterday, I drove it and when I started the car to drive back home, I...
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    Jacking up your Blackwing

    I haven’t read the entire thread, so I don’t know if these have been posted already. I am a big fan of Jackpoint Jackstands Jackpoint Jackstands LLC – High Performance Jack Stands for Today's Car. These are quite popular in the Porsche community. I have tried them in Porsches, but not in a...
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    Blackwing Order Tracking - 2022 Model Year

    Hi, After 13 months of waiting, I finally got the call today that the dealership has a CT5-V BW allocation for me. @Rob can you add my order BSCW4C to the tracking system? Thank you!
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