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    I am not sure I love my 5BW

    OP, This ^ might be right, in your case. I see your problem, you're used to High HP AWD. A heavy RWD car can't put power down the same way. It's going to struggle on Public Roads. Although, at the Track, on Warm Tires, RWD is in its element. I agree that the 5 is too big/heavy...... but for...
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    Signature Wheel Blackwing Group Buy

    Appreciate you offering the Group Buy. When you're able to start discussing CT4 Fitment Details, I'd be interested in SV107 or SV310S.
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    Girodisc Rotors - any takers?

    Would be more interested in Carbon Ceramic Rotors. Might consider the GD Irons, if the specs look good.
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    Pulled the Tapout Bluebelt Trigger

    @WONT TAP Any benefit of adding a Crossover Pipe, to the Stock DownPipes? For those of us who don't want to endure Code Resetting and the Aftermarket DP install?
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    Cool Gray Seat Protection

    Yes, those look good and thats an example of a car with no sympathy given for dye transfer. The real test is the CT4 (which is SCG in the middle), the one I drove at SM. Also, the Mid-Grade CT5, but they probably dont have a Mid-Grade at SM.
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    Brake Caliper Piston

    Both situations don't seem right. Is that Wheel Scuff around the whole rim circumference or just in a certain section of the circumference? If the latter, check if your wheel is bent (spin it and watch the inside rim). Also, are your caliper bolts or pad retention hardware loose, allowing...
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    Terrible paint drip issue. What would you guys do?

    Flip it and get another one (w/o SunRoof). Not worth the headaches of getting it fixed. Dealer will only perform the most minimal and cheapest of repairs possible (from the lowest bidder). You'd have to hire a top body shop (at your expense) to get it fixed right. They might have to remove the...
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    Cool Gray Seat Protection

    Guess it's up to the next person, going to Spring Mountian, to kindly take a look at a SCG Interior car and snap some pics for us. I thought it was bold of them, to have SCG, on a Spring Mountian Car. I'm very curious how it's holding up, under those conditions.
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    CT5-V WeatherTech Mats?

    Yes, WeatherTech matts fit perfectly. You can get the V Emblems here: Drew's Decals
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    Cool Gray Seat Protection

    Whoever’s been to Spring Mountian lately, can let us know how Sky Cool Gray is holding up. When I went, the cars were fresh but I wonder how the SCG Seat cars look now.
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    Best way to store rear seats?

    Another option: Buy the Seat Skins to store away. When car seat days are over, then swap the skins. Rear Seat Components for 2021 Cadillac CT5 | GMPartsNow If Seat Skin for 21 V is same as 22 BW Base (other wise need to call and/or wait for correct part #'s) Of course still use a protector (&...
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    GM online parts you trust

    Wholesale Genuine GM Parts - Super Fast | GMPartsNow Best Prices & Shipping Rates Plus, they email Discount Codes every now & then. They answer phones too (under Berger Chevrolet).
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    Dealership V Series Certification Program

    My Dealer appears to be V-Series Certified : ) Although, I chose them, to repair my 500mi 4BW, because they had World Class Technicians World Class Technician https://www.gmstc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/WorldClassTech-Summary-by-Region.pdf For dealers that have them, you can request that...
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    CT5-V Auto Door Lock Disable

    ^ Wow, what a perfect storm…. Both Fobs in car and Antenna disconnected. Did the battery really die and require recharging, before car could start? or Did the car just Shut Down Electrical Systems? My alarm went off, for no reason (while car parked in driveway) and of course Onstar had no log...
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    CT5-V Auto Door Lock Disable

    Car is supposed to warn you & un-lock Driver Door, if you leave Fob in car. Did that incident happen, with a CT4/5?
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    Spring Mountain

    I saw all guests, who were in the classroom, invited to pile into the van (with instructors) and go to the various "exercise" sites. Perhaps, if there are a lot of guests, they might not be as generous? There were only (3) guests in the group I attended. My guest didn't go out in the van (or...
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    Spring Mountain

    Guests are allowed to; eat Breakfast & Lunch, attend the ClassRoom Sessions, and get transported (by Van) to watch the “Excercise” portions of the event, watch “On-Track” portions of the event (from the Tower). They can’t ride in car with you. But can do Instructor RideAlong (about 2 per day)...
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    Extended warranties

    Right, we only get 4/50 Bumper to Bumper, I should have read the Window Sticker : / Although the 6/70 PowerTrain is also baked into your extension. I'm a fan of the Cadillac Protection Plan, but my agent (now retired) was good enough to advise me, not to buy them until just before my factory...
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    Extended warranties

    They have endless options, so you need the Agent to show you the Full list. They usually try to narrow it down for you, because it can get overwhelming, with all the Y/Mi variations. What's avil to you, will be dependent on your VIN. However, for someone that has existing warranty, I don't...
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    Extended warranties

    If you buy a 7/75 now, aren't you only benefiting by 2/27 (1/5 PowerTrain)? Since you get 5/48 (6/70 PowerTrain) already. If you buy a 7/75, after original warranty is up, you would pay more, but also get the full 7/75 additional. By waiting, you would only need to buy a 2/24 to net the same...
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