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    2017 Cadillac CTS-V Commercial Trailer - Video

    Pretty lame commercial for the V Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Would You Get The Cadillac ATS-V With A Manual Or Automatic Transmission?

    Would have to stay with the M6. I've had/have both a Gen 1 and Gen 2 V, both M6's. Just like rowing my own.
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    News: Why the stick shift's days may be numbered

    I still prefer the driver involvement of rowing my own gears. I'm just not into the whole "flappy paddle" thing, YET. :wink:
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    Is this normal? -- Headlights and Tail lights

    Not sure on pad life. I'm at 17K on my sedan and still have plenty of pad left. Good idea to have that checked as well.
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    Is this normal? -- Headlights and Tail lights

    From everything I've seen, the headlight condensation is normal. Some dealers might replace them, some might not. From people that have had them replaced, it seems to happen with the new lights as well. As long as it dries out, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The pics you have of the tail...
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    Cold Air Intake

    I put an Airaid on my 12 sedan a couple weeks ago. I got it from Jegs, non carbon fiber, dry element, for around $400 including tax. Airaid is offering a $50 rebate during the month of September. The SC whine that I can now hear is addictive. FWIW, Airaid claims a 28hp/aroud 40lb/ft torque...
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    WC: Finals weekend

    Way to go team Cadillac! Great championship wins despite the constant handicapping by WC. Congrats! :rocker:
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    WC Balance of Performance

    I'm not seeing anything in here about horsepower settings, although I suspect that is governed by the resrictor. Talking to the guys at the Mid-Ohio race, they are not happy about the treatment of the Cadillac team from WC. Between the added weight, and reduced horsepower, they seem to be...
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    World Challenge race at Mid Ohio

    Anybody going to the race at Mid Ohio this year? :rocker:
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    All Season Tires

    I'm looking at putting a set of those on my sedan this fall. Here in Ohio, we have too many days where the weather is nice, but below that PS2 40 degree threshold. I just want to be able to drive the car for more days out of the year. That being said, she still won't see any road time if there...
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    New to this site

    My name is Mike. I'm from Pickerington Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. My ride is a 12 BD V sedan, 6M, Recaros, Satin black wheels and Ultraview. Previously I had an 05 Stealth Grey V that I traded in. I'm retired Air Force after a 26 year career, and currently work as an Electronic Technician for...
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