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  1. Vigster

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Not sure if it's a "regular" spot. I teach MSF motorcycle classes on an old UAV runway. Rain broke as the sun rose and hit the Rift just right.
  2. Vigster

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    It was a pun bc it's devoid of any badge flair 🙃 https://media.tenor.com/R56Js9FnFmYAAAAM/flair-office-space.gif
  3. Vigster

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Gave her a much-needed bath after about 500 miles of driving yesterday! 😃 Then attempted to take some photos with the new camera. If anyone has any photography tips, I'm all ears! Every time I look at the rear I feel like I'm missing something... the Carbon Spoiler. Might get one from Tapout...
  4. Vigster

    To Debadge or no?

    Debadged with a Monochrome emblem on Rift 🔥
  5. Vigster

    Potential BW4 Owner

    @Throat Yogurt ,@The Sandman @Kanetch Love hearing all this. Been strongly considering a mk7 or mk8 (no buttons eww I know) as a secondary for long trips or commuting occasionally. They are just so pretty and fun little cars. Thrash on them and still get 24 mpg
  6. Vigster

    Leather or microfiber steering wheel/shifter?

    Leather for me. Alcantra sounds better overall but it's a consistency/feel thing. My other hobbies are rock climbing and weight lifting so my hands stay dry and calloused. Alcantra just feels gross and weird to me...
  7. Vigster

    Update installation

    Are there no "patch notes" publicly available for these OTA updates? I don't care if it "makes things better" I want to know what's being tweaked.
  8. Vigster

    Media dumps

    https://cadillacsociety.com/2023/04/01/cadillac-blackwing-super-sedans-renamed-blaqwing-for-2024/ How did we miss this post! "We’re all about creativity here at Cadillac… just wait for Assendiq [pronounced Aas-and-diq] and Cryptiq,” he added." 😂 😂 😂
  9. Vigster

    Rift Being Rift

    Sorry to flood the thread gents, detailer sent me their professional pics today. I hate whatever filter/post-editing they did but the car is extra shiny.
  10. Vigster

    Rift Being Rift

    Posted in another thread but hanging these here for the #riftgang folks! OEM Monochrome badges, trunk de-badged, XPEL PPF and Ceramic, 35% Ceramic tint. The detailer loved the color. He told me "It's so cool, it was white when I walked out to get it and when I brought it in the garage it turned...
  11. Vigster

    "Service instrument cluster" warning

    I can't find the posts but I know the last two instrument cluster issues I saw resolved were battery and fuse related. Only one guy on here (that I've read) had a faulty screen.
  12. Vigster

    4BW - How many miles?

    Put the first 500 on in 4 days. 1500 took about two weeks. I was very excited to break it in... Sitting pretty at just shy of 3k miles at 3 months. Knock on wood, no issues thus far.
  13. Vigster

    Potential BW4 Owner

    Oh you'll love it then. I'm a big mk6-8 fan. Driven one of each in manual and as awesome as they are RWD, the bigger motor and extra turbo go a long way. If your experience is predominantly FWD I think the 4 puts you in a good place to be introduced to RWD performance. Vice the one guy who got a...
  14. Vigster

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Picked her up from the detailer today! 😁 Monochrome badges, rear de-badge, Xpel tint (35), Xpel PPF and Ceramic. Thinking ahead: black mirror caps, black roof wrap and a Tapout CF Wing...
  15. Vigster

    For Sale Jb4 and brisk spark plugs for ct4v Blackwing and Ct5v (non-blackwing)

    How come your selling? Any issues or moving on from the platform already?
  16. Vigster

    Potential BW4 Owner

    A 4BW Refresh is unlikely. The 5 is only likely to get one because GM happened to be updating the lower trim anyway. That said, if you're not in a rush could wait it out for a few month to see what announcements come. Lastly, not sure what you're coming from, but the 4BW in manual is a...
  17. Vigster

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    Badge or no badge, it's not hard to understand why people would want something that makes their fancy/expensive/fast sports car to stand out. Especially when it looks nearly identical to the lower, not-fast trim. If you don't like the badge, keep your opinion to yourself! Let people enjoy...
  18. Vigster


    This. It's an electronic "limited" slip differential and not an open diff. Going purely off the semantics i'd assume the same as above that it never de-couples completely. I'm sure engineering an open to limited to closed electronically controlled diff would be a nightmare.
  19. Vigster

    Carolina Exotic Car Show & Coffee

    That would be a 1st Gen (I believe) Nissan GTR. They're pretty quick and very tunable if you don't mind blowing engines.
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