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  1. frankfast97

    CT4-V Track alignment for daily driving

    i daily mine with track alignment... the turn in is way crisper. it does want to wander a little on uneven roads i feel like but not bad. also on throttle i feel like it rotates (not in sketchy way) the rear more and drives off corner better
  2. frankfast97

    I am not sure I love my 5BW

    i just got to v mode...click the tc button once to set it back to normal mode....then hold it down for awhle and turn off traction and stability
  3. frankfast97

    I am not sure I love my 5BW

    ill agree with the PTM. i wish race 1 and 2 allowed for some more excitement. even in race 2 if you get much yaw it kills it.
  4. frankfast97

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Im doing mine this weekend...just curious do I need to do this after every track day? sometimes ill run like 3 sessions and that's it. I probably punish the diff more on Sunday morning "spirited drives" than I do on a track day
  5. frankfast97

    How many of you with a 4BW or a 5BW actually took one for a test drive before buying?

    I did not test drive. I watched a bunch of reviews on youtube, sold my m4 and called Sewell and ordered. The first time i drove it was home from the delivery drop off
  6. frankfast97

    Swift Springs

    Springs are on. Ride is still awesome and feels crisper on steering input. I still have to get alignment done
  7. frankfast97

    CT5 V Blackwing

    because its used and way over msrp?
  8. frankfast97

    Swift Springs

    I ordered some Swift Spring lowering springs for the CT5 Blackwing. I will be putting the track alignment on it while i have everything apart. I will do an alignment but is there anything i need to do to recalibrate the mag ride for the slightly lower ride height? I was told no when I ordered...
  9. frankfast97

    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    Sewell handled the ceramic and tint on mine before i picked it up. It was someone dustin recommended and they did great.
  10. frankfast97


    yes...iron brakes. i have not changed fluid. i will do that. i know there is a section in owners manual on how to do it properly.
  11. frankfast97


    What brake pads would you folks recommend for track day use in my CT5 BW? OEM seem to do fine. i just did a track day at Carolina Motorsports Park. I ran 4 sessions doing a warm up lap..2-3 flyers...and a cool down lap. I dont see myself going out for long track runs of 30 straight minutes are...
  12. frankfast97

    CT5-V 2023 CT5V Blackwing - Green Filter Installed/Part #

    if MGW needs a 5bw my office is 5 minutes down the street from them
  13. frankfast97

    Signature Wheel Blackwing Group Buy

    I have Signture SV104 in OEM size. Terrance was awesome to work with. Everything,all the way down to the packaging was stellar
  14. frankfast97

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Cars and Coffee. Parked with the Tesla guys :)
  15. frankfast97

    Looking For Advice on Quick Jack or Race Ramps for CT4-V Blackwing

    i use the 5000TL from costco. ill try and lift her up in the next day or two and send some pics.
  16. frankfast97

    Looking For Advice on Quick Jack or Race Ramps for CT4-V Blackwing

    The front I use the ones with the cutouts that look like: + The back I just double stack and there was a little square cutout
  17. frankfast97

    Looking For Advice on Quick Jack or Race Ramps for CT4-V Blackwing

    Costco. Used it to change oil the other day.
  18. frankfast97

    How 'under the radar' is your Blackwing?

    Yes. Signature wheels sv104. Oem size. Terrance may have messed with the offset a little but nothing crazy
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