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  1. Throat Yogurt

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    A while ago I debadged the rear deck. Today I re-badged the doors. Before and after photos:
  2. Throat Yogurt

    Steering wheel numbers?

    Yes, the Blackwing badge was a running change during 2023. Early cars didn't have them, later cars did. You can order Blackwing badges, they are ~$40.
  3. Throat Yogurt

    PTM modes

    No, PTM is also available in V-Mode. You have to configure which PTM setting you want in the V-Mode edit setting, and then double-press the V button to access it.
  4. Throat Yogurt

    CT4V BW PPF - who has done it, and what panels

    On my 4BW I have PPF on the front bumper, headlights, hood, and mirrors. Seems to be working well after 13k miles. I did hit a piece of scrap metal on the highway which put a cut in the PPF at the base of the front bumper, a small scuff in the PPF where it flipped up and hit the hood, then it...
  5. Throat Yogurt

    What the...

    Wow, that sucks. It looks to me like an arrow that deflected off the bridge and partially broke. It was moving way too fast to just be debris that was picked up by the wind.
  6. Throat Yogurt

    Nick Williams 103TB failure

    Who is Nick Williams?
  7. Throat Yogurt

    CT5-V Tire failed at seam

    Wow, that sucks. I've never seen a failure like that before without other obvious damage. What does it look like on the inside?
  8. Throat Yogurt

    People are idiots!!!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I see you're new here.
  9. Throat Yogurt

    Traction on 2023 CT4 Blackwing

    Huh? Your post said that your two ATS-Vs "lost traction quite a bit" when accelerating compared to your Blackwing. They wear different tires, with the Blackwing's being stickier, so that absolutely could be the cause, or part of it.
  10. Throat Yogurt

    Traction on 2023 CT4 Blackwing

    the tires actually aren't the same. The TPC Spec Pilot 4S on the Blackwing uses a different rubber compound than the regular 4S.
  11. Throat Yogurt

    V-Series 20th Anniversary Merch

    I'm a hat guy and damn, those hats are hot garbage.
  12. Throat Yogurt

    PA / NJ / Northeast cars in 3800 or later

    Agreed. I'd go do Spring Mountain again and save $8,000.
  13. Throat Yogurt

    PA / NJ / Northeast cars in 3800 or later

    Yup, it's still there. I'm trying to go this weekend...but I also have the same kid "problem". I'm also like 10 mins away. Good times:
  14. Throat Yogurt

    Front Plate Paranoia

    Got any pics? Of the mount, I mean.
  15. Throat Yogurt

    Personalized license plate

    Vulva Eater?
  16. Throat Yogurt

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    That's what I did. My flight out of Vegas was a red eye, so I had the entire evening to do...something. I took my time driving through Red Rock Canyon, stopped at In-n-Out for dinner, and drove on the strip until it was time to hit the airport. An afternoon well spent.
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