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  1. CGB

    Is it totaled?

    Ouch....sorry to hear man...
  2. CGB

    Highest Mileage Blackwings

    Thank you sir!
  3. CGB

    Highest Mileage Blackwings

    21450 on my 5, just turned a year old.....but I retired last Friday so the daily driving is over! But I sure loved driving it to work every day.....
  4. CGB

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    Quote: " While the program has come to an end, you may still obtain V-Series Blackwing badges through purchase from your local Cadillac dealer. Simply inquire with the parts dept. in ordering part # 87841942." This is from the email I received last week.
  5. CGB

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    I have had a least 3 case numbers in regards to the badge through Cadillac, every time they said it was going to be shipped. The last lady that I spoke with told me that their system showed that my case had been resolved....obviously not. She then opened up ANOTHER case file and said it would be...
  6. CGB

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    Well....got an email from Cadillac telling me that the Blackwing badge mail out to customers has ended...BUT I would be able to PURCHASE the part from the local Cadillac dealer. Every time I had inquired over the past 7 months I was told they would be sent " in the next 4-6 weeks".........what a...
  7. CGB

    First 1000 mile impressions with the CT5V Blackwing.

    Excellent review, you hit some of the many highlights of this beast...
  8. CGB

    CT5 BW Rev Match

    Four days after installing the software update, the downshift blips are back....go figure.
  9. CGB

    CT5 BW Rev Match

    I installed the update on Saturday ( the one for the daytime running lights staying on ) and now the blips are gone when hitting neutral while downshifting.....
  10. CGB

    Trade for this?

    Well.....I know everyone's opinion is different, but to me the back end of the C8 is hideous. As much as I like corvettes and have had 3 of them, no way I would want a new one. And no manual? Blackwing hands down the winner.....
  11. CGB

    The one real flaw of Midnight Steel Metallic ....

    Wait...you have a known leak and you left it outside with no kind of cover whatsoever?
  12. CGB

    Unwanted Rev Match

    Agreed....I avoid the dealer as much as I can....now if I can just figure out how to replace my cracked front camera lens.....
  13. CGB

    Unwanted Rev Match

    Still trying to figure out how this is a bad thing....I don't use rev-match that often, but still get the situation you described on downshifts. I like it.
  14. CGB

    CT5-V Front camera lens cracked

    Thanks guys!
  15. CGB

    Entry and Exit Seat Memory??

    Yep, had the same issue until I figured out it was the wrong fob that was the culprit. Once I matched up the correct fob with the set functions, all was well.
  16. CGB

    CT5-V Front camera lens cracked

    Took a direct hit from something and the lens is cracked. Any thoughts on difficulty of replacing this? I haven't researched the cost of the lens either. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  17. CGB

    Third Brake Light Flasher/Pulser

    Agreed...don't lower yourself...
  18. CGB

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    I live in the same area as you, and I haven't gotten stopped yet for no front plate. I drove a 2011 vette and didn't get stopped with that one either. I would have to really re-evaluate things if it started happening, but for now, the plate stays off...
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