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  1. Matt27

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Right, but nearly a year of time. Early October '22 to late August '23. That feels about right and the computer is obviously taking that into account too.
  2. Matt27

    Media dumps

    I see you woke up and chose violence against the A10 mafia today.
  3. Matt27

    Engine Break In - 500 mi or 1500 mi

    This is why I let it rip at 500 when the tach showed the expanded redline. They could have programmed it for 1500 and expressly did not. Lick the stamp and send it, like @Tall Steve said.
  4. Matt27

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    What was the time elapsed between the first and second changes?
  5. Matt27

    Oil Filters

    The Pit Stop has nothing to do with the approach angle if you actually look at their website. They're upselling you. It's just a higher/longer platform as far as I can tell. Did you use their measurement guide? I find it nearly impossible to believe there aren't shorter options that would...
  6. Matt27

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Unfortunately had to use the factory-supplied sealant kit in the trunk. Had a slow leak (came out of the office with a whopping 6 PSI in the right rear), it's a screw right in the outer tread block. Sealant went in easily and held the tire solid at 37 PSI and got me 20 miles home so no...
  7. Matt27

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Parked in the commuter lot. All the way in the back, naturally.
  8. Matt27

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    I did the program in an auto and have a manual. There were some times when I missed it a little bit, but honestly it was nice to just be able to focus on the track, the lines, and the braking points. I had done two track days in my own car prior to making it out there, anyway, so maybe that...
  9. Matt27

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Crossed 10,000 miles today in mine. Nice milestone. Might do it another 9 times.
  10. Matt27

    Engine Break In - 500 mi or 1500 mi

    **Just an estimate since TTC8HTC derailed the entire forum.
  11. Matt27

    Engine Break In - 500 mi or 1500 mi

    You can hit 120+ at Lime Rock in a 4BW, of all places. 140 isn't a stretch, especially in a 5BW. I saw 130+ at Pocono too.
  12. Matt27

    Changing the Oil

    There is a lengthy thread on this topic already, read away to your heart's content. https://www.cadillacvnet.com/forums/threads/jacking-up-your-blackwing.2554/
  13. Matt27

    Front Plate Paranoia

    Front plate runner here too (NJ...). It's not getting the ticket itself, but the time I would spend on the side of the road waiting for the ticket that would drive me nuts. I would happily just pay the fine, but absolutely hate being late to things.
  14. Matt27

    The Blackwing Spotting Thread

    Old man racing blue AKA Midnight Steel Metallic. Agreed it doesn't look anything like that in the configurator.
  15. Matt27

    The Blackwing Spotting Thread

    Electric Blue 4BW this morning in Harriman State Park, NY - anybody on here? I was the guy on the bike yelling BLACKWIIIIIIING.
  16. Matt27

    Signature Wheel's Cadillac Blackwing Adventures

    Awesome, that's good to know. Thanks.
  17. Matt27

    Signature Wheel's Cadillac Blackwing Adventures

    If we want "actual tire choice options" spec on the 4BW, can that be accomodated too? Relatively slim pickings in the standard fitment has me worried about the longer term. Would be amazing to get something that fit a more common size.
  18. Matt27

    PA / NJ / Northeast cars in 3800 or later

    Covers a suite at the Encore and a whole lot of high end food and gambling too.
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