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  1. flipray

    Wanted CF Rear Diffuser for 5BW

    I have a used one in Tampa but not sure if I’m willing to deal with shipping it.
  2. flipray

    4BW wheel fitment question

    They’ll fit, but you have to change the front tires and kick it down one series because the stock 5BW tires are too tall. Stock rears are fine.
  3. flipray

    CT5-V Low dust pad options?

    Figured I take the wheels often enough that quick inspection should be fairly doable. Wish they atleast had the tabs. The OEM pads has them so not even sure what’s the point of the electronic sensors.
  4. flipray

    CT5-V Low dust pad options?

    Well, talked to Ken this week and had him send me a set of Hawk Pads. Fronts have the slot for the wear sensor on the front driver side but the rears doesn’t have them for the rear passenger side. Also they don’t have the wear indicator finger on any of the pads.
  5. flipray

    Hello from VA Beach! CT4V BW

    Buddy of mine, in a RHD S13 and I in my C6Z were heading from VB to NCCAR for a track day. I got pulled over, got my ticket. Buddy decide to wait for me a mile or so down the road. Cop catches up to him and proceed to give him a ticket too. Funny part is cop walks up to the left side of the...
  6. flipray

    Hello from VA Beach! CT4V BW

    Meh, I take what Trifecta say with a grain of salt. They managed to crack the C8 but made minimal gains? I take that as hard to believe that GM got the tune to full tilt timing that they didnt leave anything on the table for reliability. Almost sounded like they managed to see the tables but...
  7. flipray

    Hello from VA Beach! CT4V BW

    I mean as long as you dont speed on 58 towards Emporia, you'd be good. They got me there for doing 9 over.
  8. flipray

    Apex Group Buy

    Hell, you can look up every PS4 for the same size and they'd be difference thread width between OEM manufacturer. Audi and MB seems to like their version to be narrower.
  9. flipray

    CT5-V Front camera lens cracked

    Ive replaced mine in my Palisade not too long ago. Camera wasnt too bad, less than $200 iirc. Just gotta figure out where the plug is at and that will dictate if you have to take the whole bumper off to disconnect the plug.
  10. flipray

    Swift Springs

    Supposedly Renick uses a higher tier spring from Swift. They claim TapOut uses the base Swift spring. Figured all Swift springs are upgraded already since they're the upgrade spring on a few coilovers in the market.
  11. flipray

    Swift Springs

    Well I'm surprised to learn Renick also got their own Swift Springs for these now. https://www.renickperformance.com/products/ct5-blackwing-spec-r-lowering-spring-kit-by-swift-springs
  12. flipray

    Custom Blackwing Emblem

    I'd definitely slap that on top of a DSX lid!!! Can I pass this to DSX and see if they'd be willing to engrave it on a lid?
  13. flipray

    CT5-V Damage to CF lip

    Not having CF makes the 5 look alot more boring. Its bad enough that the design is so watered down compared to the V3.
  14. flipray

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    My only gripe is that he used to do CNC'd metal things. These are cheaper plastic ABS pieces now. Plus im still 50/50 on debadging the whole car and blacking out the crests.
  15. flipray

    Anyone get their Blackwing badge yet? And are you putting it on?

    I'm honestly trying to fight the urge of buying these... https://www.0fx2gv.com/product-page/accent-color-v-blackwing
  16. flipray

    Hello from VA Beach! CT4V BW

    It was a summit white. Guy bought it from NJ and registered it in VB according to carfax. Some how got traded in and ended up in an auction with 91 miles on it. Thing was one of the original collectors edition 46-111 and had CF1/2. If you're worried about having radar, get a escort redline...
  17. flipray

    Hello from VA Beach! CT4V BW

    C&C VB is always a good time. One of the few things I miss from that area, plus my buddies coordinate it. Funny thing is I bought a 4BW that came from VB. No idea why it got sold with less than 100 miles and ended up in a Ford Dealership in Killeen TX. Also, time for a JB4 tuner. Figured...
  18. flipray

    WNY '23 CT5-V Blackwing

    Welcome, Raven Black is one of those love/hate relationships. Wish Cadillac would bring back the black diamond metallic for these cars. The flakes on that paint atleast helps hide blemishes somewhat and makes the car look wet when clean.
  19. flipray

    Mag Rides Warranty

    Does GM have some kind of special warranty for the shocks? Since GM has been having issues with mag rides leaking since inception, figured they have it fixed 15 odd years later, thats not seem to be the case since my front driver strut is leaking at 12K. I know on certain parts that are known...
  20. flipray

    Steering Feel/Setting

    I just set MyMode and have everything the middle (steering, brake, suspension) but have engine noise to full. Thats the perfect setting for both my 4BW and 5BW.
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