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    Retrofit 360 cameras from CT5 to CT4?

    Thanks for the feedback. I disagree that its impossible since the CT4V non BW has supercruise and the 360 cameras as part of that bundle. I think a competent tech can find a way to reprogram the new infotainment with the MDI. I used to do all kinds of f*ckery in the old Tech2 days. I do agree...
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    Retrofit 360 cameras from CT5 to CT4?

    Hey everyone, so while I wait for my CT4 BW to be manufactured (which will be next year), I started doing a list of mods I want to do to it. Aside from an aftermarket multicolor ambient light kit, the other high on the list is getting the 360 cameras/system from the CT5 V (non BW). Is there...
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    First 2022 Ct4-v blackwing with the factory mounted rear view camera.

    this is awesome, now if someone can please pretty please come up with a way to retrofit the 360 cameras from the CT5 I'll be in heaven
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