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    Non-black Black-wing?

    Someone posted a video of a red Blackwing coming out of a trailer recently that had a body color matched spoiler. Can anyone confirm if the CT4-V without any of the Carbon Fiber packages comes with a black spoiler or a color matched spoiler?
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    Magneride 4.0 Sensitivity to Wheel Size Changes?

    Does anyone have any idea how friendly or unfriendly Magneride 4.0 is when doing wheel/tire size changes? Is everything OK as long as you maintain rolling diameter, or are we stuck with 18"s? Just curious what I'll be able to get away with without sacrificing the performance of the system as...
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    Factory Line Locks?

    I should probably preface with *I know, I know...* line locks on a street car have no practical purpose other than hooliganism...I get it. I'm not advocating for irresponsible behavior in any way, but I seem to recall reading that the BW was coming some sort of setup for custom launch control...
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