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  1. LF4472

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    Weight transfer is hard! 😁 Please excuse the iRacing videos (since I can't do real-on track stuff with my issues), but the answer is always full throttle!
  2. LF4472

    Best cell phone Mount

    I did the same with the wireless charging but had to disable wireless Android Auto due to dropping connection with interference. The same areas drop my SiriusXM connection. I now use the phone pocket in the console with a short USB cable. Works great if not a little more inconvenient.
  3. LF4472

    For the sake of resale value I hope this is a mistake

    My 4BW is my "daily driver" (I work from home) and my last two daily drivers I had for 10+ years. I don't anticipate selling this one any time sooner than that.
  4. LF4472


    We had two, they have a unique attitude!
  5. LF4472


    Yep, I really miss having cats that were bonded.
  6. LF4472


    Mainly. They don't really play or groom each other, but they'll sleep on the same bed (with adequate spacing).
  7. LF4472


    Our current team: Morris, Zeus, Loki, Salem, Stu and Eva.
  8. LF4472

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    Makes sense since the 5BW has an extra 170 HP to offset the extra mass. The C8 Z06 will be a different story.
  9. LF4472

    CT4-V 4BW winter tires?

    I'd be wary only putting snow tires on the rear. The computer will control wheel spin, but you're going to have to deal with turning and braking and the mismatch grip might be problematic.
  10. LF4472

    Gas Mileage

    According to my logs, about 19.7 MPG in my A10 4BW through ~4100 miles. They're mainly highway miles.
  11. LF4472

    Anyone want a $94k 4BW?

    I don't understand the need to ridicule the prices of particular cars any more than I understand doing the same about someone's transmission choice. People have different priorities and things they value and therefore make their own choices. I would rather have a loaded 4 versus base 5, that...
  12. LF4472

    Anyone want a $94k 4BW?

    I don't, as I already have a C7 Z06. And I don't need or really want the bigger car.
  13. LF4472

    Buy the 2023 4BW or wait for refresh (2024)

    Doesn't look like its yet available at GM Online Order / Reference Guide.
  14. LF4472

    CT5-V PTM modes for daily driving?

    This advice was common with the wide-body Corvettes (Grand Sport, Z06) because their wheels were prone to bending and breaking.
  15. LF4472

    CT4-V OEM Non-CF Splitters on 2023 BW?

    Were the cars equipped with one of the IMSA track packages (as that includes CF1 and CF2)?
  16. LF4472

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    This is not universally true. For example, the C7 ZR-1s were GM owned. The other C7 variants SM did order and buy through a local Chevrolet store.
  17. LF4472

    CT4-V no launch control?

    Will it launch if you maintain full throttle and release the brake? I think the different PTM modes might alter the RPM, with Wet being the lowest and Race 2 being the highest. That might be the extent of what you can control.
  18. LF4472

    CT4-V no launch control?

    I didn't mention clutch since you can't get a manual with the non-Blackwing V's.
  19. LF4472

    CT4-V no launch control?

    I made a YouTube video from my car just now. If you want to customize launch control, you need to get into a PTM mode, go the Performance tab and scroll down to Launch Control. You'll see in my video that it initially shows unavailable, but once I put the car in gear, it becomes available and...
  20. LF4472

    Leather or microfiber steering wheel/shifter?

    I didn't build my 4BW but it was optioned with the Alcantara wheel. I like it but am used to having that style wheel from my sim-racing setup. The key is routine maintenance and care.
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