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  1. gustavo761

    Blaze Orange Orgasmic Overload

    Gorgeous. 6 speed or auto?
  2. gustavo761

    4BW - How many miles?

    Sounds a lot like my commute. Mine is 102 mi,/day . Last time I had a commute like this was in my C6 z06 and I daily drove that for a year, and put well over 35k miles within 1 year of ownership. Stop and go traffic were pretty tedious but I got over that quick once it subsides
  3. gustavo761

    What did you do to your Blackwing today?

    Sound clips ASAP lol
  4. gustavo761

    CT5-V 2023 CT5-V Blackwing Order Banks Closed!?

    Wonder what this means for the 4 BW counterparts. I'm pretty peeved considering that my '22 order got moved back to a '23 but my dealer hasn't had ANY allocations for a 6 speed yet, and it's already been 5 months since Cadillac decided to move production to '23 with no word on the status of my...
  5. gustavo761

    Tapout Catted Downpipes installed

    Lol seeing this video definitely brought back memories of when I worked at the dealership whenever there was downtime. I'd have my buddy take a quick rip up the block while I record every time I got a new mod haha
  6. gustavo761

    2022 vs 2023 Differences?

    They got rid of Satin Steel, Emerald Dark Frost and Infrared Tintcoat for '23 models.
  7. gustavo761

    Pics of your Blackwing in regular parking spots

    Awesome, requote worthy. Any more pics of the gloss black roof wrap??
  8. gustavo761

    Z06 Embargo lifted, any 2nd guessing?

    A couple journalists and mags have already managed 2.2-2.3 0-60 times already in the Z07 equipped cars. Insanity
  9. gustavo761

    It's been built

    Very nice. When did you initially place in your order?
  10. gustavo761

    Tapout CT4BW Lowering springs installed

    Doubt it. I had mag ride on my SS that was lowered on H&R springs and had zero issues, just needed a slight alignment and all was good. @OP sweet pics. Sits nice, I was planning on running 19's but I feel like those might rub and may need to roll fenders for clearance. Do you rub on your...
  11. gustavo761

    Tapout CT4BW Lowering springs installed

    Nice! Any more faraway pictures?
  12. gustavo761

    Got my Escalade V yesterday!

    Incredible piece of machinery right there. Congrats!!
  13. gustavo761

    Tapout catless downpipes - video

    Wow! The deecel pop's and bangs you usually hear during no lift is way more prominent sounding with those downpipes. Brutal sounding, in a good way of course
  14. gustavo761

    CT4-V Blackwing Products Coming Soon from Tapout Tuning!

    Has the hood been mocked up to a test car yet? Very eager to see how it's going to look seeing an ATSV styled hood onto a 4V BW
  15. gustavo761

    Photoshop Requests

    Done. These are 19's but I could probably scale these down a bit more to reflect 18s
  16. gustavo761

    Photoshop Requests

    Quick 5 mins PS. Could do better but got lazy lol
  17. gustavo761

    Side swiped a concrete pillar in a parking garage

    Awesome, now THAT looks good! Happy to hear this ended up on a positive note
  18. gustavo761

    CT4 BW Manual 6spd dyno

    Crazy torque numbers
  19. gustavo761

    Blackwing Track Edition debuting this weekend???

    Graphics, more aggresive cf side rocker extensions, CCB's, 6 speed only, and slightly more tuned suspension, no bump in hp. Calling it.
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