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  1. CBH

    Got a quote for a custom exhaust

    Next Friday I'm getting my local shop to fab a custom setup and they quoted me $750, which is a little higher than I expected, but I'm thrilled they're doing it. In my other posts I've documented my lament at how many shops had simply turned me down. Thankfully the very last shop in town gave...
  2. CBH

    Personalized license plate

    I got this car because its complementary. It fits my driving style perfectly. Comfy, practical, and it can still beat nearly anything I'll ever encounter. :)
  3. CBH

    Theft Deterrent

    That's exactly what I expected after reading the subject...... :)
  4. CBH

    CT5-V New CT5-V Blackwing needs new transmission prior to delivery. What to do?

    Seems like an easy decision really - just test drive it with the new tranny, check everything else as usual, and be extremely happy you can drive it home immediately for the '23 MSRP !! Your other options seem to have tremendous downside to me.........
  5. CBH

    Random Shut Off

    I'm happy to hear there's a 10 minute max on unattended idling. Believe it or not, I forgot to kill one of my cars in the past when driving to work. I got in for lunch and it was still going !!
  6. CBH

    CT4 BW Muffler Delete

    It's taken forever, but the very last shop in town looked her over Saturday morning. A straight delete is not a problem for a competent local shop, but I want to keep the quiet side "quiet", so its more complicated. I expect to hear in a couple of days the plan and the price. Will keep you...
  7. CBH

    Readily Available DIY Ceramic Coating?

    Thanks for the tips. I still haven't washed it that many times, although it needs it again right now.
  8. CBH

    Gas Mileage

    21 mph avg speed....... :( I'm so sorry you're forced to take this beast through such tortuous conditions. I thought my commute was bad when I avg around 30 mph. Mpg is very tightly correlated to average mph.
  9. CBH

    First 1000 mile impressions with the CT5V Blackwing.

    I never use any cruise control. We can already see why it was unnecessary on the 6MT. We actually *drive* our cars......... :) Glad you're enjoying it. It is a great car.
  10. CBH

    Gas Mileage

    5 w/ manual - i get 13-14 in the city (avg ~30 mph). Real highway mileage is 20-21. Amazing how efficient it is on the open road.
  11. CBH

    Front Plate Paranoia

    Don't waste any time on a front plate. First, its a sacrilege to scar the front of the vehicle. Second, you're never going to get in trouble for it. Texas "requires" front plates, but even when pulled over for other things, I've never been given a hard time for lacking a front plate...
  12. CBH

    Manual trans owners--both 4 and 5

    I don't think many people cross-shop the Blackwing and the Corolla......
  13. CBH

    BC Forged Wheels - CT5 Blackwing

    @Paragon Performance - I don't see any exhaust options on your web site. Timelines ? Are you fabbing the exhaust or does an aftermarket supplier finally offering something ?
  14. CBH

    Dead Pedal Removal

    Would be nice..........but am I really the only person who would rather their left foot be free instead of bound by that obstacle ? Shoes are size 8 BTW.............
  15. CBH

    Dead Pedal Removal

    I want the open space - not a "pedal" in the way. With it blocking that area, I have to put my foot under the clutch, which is far less convenient.
  16. CBH

    Dead Pedal Removal

    Why do manufacturers intentionally steal the only place in the floorboard to put your left foot away from the clutch ? Has anyone removed it ?
  17. CBH

    SOUL Performance Sport Cats

    But no mufflers ? Future plans ?
  18. CBH

    Spring Mountain Impressions

    I already resolved that we'll stay Tuesday night. You're right about things shutting down - which I knew about and expected. Thankfully many nice places to eat are still open 7 days/wk. We're arriving Sunday and going straight to Pahrump. Staying at Ceasar's Tuesday night. They advertise that...
  19. CBH

    Blackwing emblem

    I had planned to take all the badges off my car before I got it. Let's face it - the name CT5 V blackwing really is meaningless. Its a one-off that should have been the 4th gen CTS-V. But mine already had the Blackwing badge installed, so I decided to just leave well enough alone and keep 'em...
  20. CBH

    Best mode for controlled slides

    I think OP wants the key to those long power slides the car mags always use in their photo shoots. I always have images of me leaving a driveway with clouds of tire smoke billowing up from the tires as the rear gracefully breaks out and then gently slides back where it should be...
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