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  1. standby77

    Help! Die Cast V Wagon

    Diecast XLR'S Hey Cub, I see a lot of people looking for diecast models of the XLR and XLR-V. I have the silver/ebony 04 original diecast, no box, that came with my 04, never could find a XLR-V to go with my 06 V. I'm confused as to sizes since there is no size markings on the one I have that...
  2. standby77

    News: The new Cadillac ATS will debut online this Sunday

    New ATS :frown: I can't imagine anyone wasting time to come see this vehicle in person. You may have gadgets on the inside but I see just another Cadillac on the outside. You built an XLR-V which I own and have people take pictures of an 06 vehicle every week, ask me when they started to make...
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