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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    Jb4, downpipes, green filters, soler throttlebody.
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    Ported throttlebody ct4

    Installed the ported throttlebody and brisk plugs today on the ct4. What a weird setup for throttlebody placement. I'm assuming the tube under the throttlebody is for the crankcase ventilation system?
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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    The m2 spacers. The driver's side is very tight, but it does fit right between the "cat" and the firewall. Passenger side fits great.
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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    Well a full week in, about 200mi, no check engine light and it set the readiness test for cat and O2. Winner, winner!
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    CT4-V Blackwing Purple Belt Performance Package

    Yeah that all looks familiar. Lol. Any shots of the nozzles under the hood? Also are you running water/meth mix or straight meth? I played around but it made more power straight meth so I only threw water in on the street for dd
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    CT4-V Blackwing Purple Belt Performance Package

    Whose meth injection kit do they use or is it all through the new module? I used an aem controller and pro meth pump and nozzles with the setup on my mustang and was pretty happy with it.
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    CT4-V Extremely Light Clutch

    There isn't anything in my mind on a hydraulic clutch system that would make it consistently light and not be as intended. If it's not hanging up, slipping, chattering, smelling, and it is consistent in how it feels, I'm going to have to say it is what it is. Putting another factory one in is...
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    For Sale Forged One FF05 - Extremely lightweight Blackwing Wheels and Pilot All Season +4/s

    Any interest in selling just the wheels? Looking for a set to mount drag radials too.
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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    So I installed the mini cat spacers today. Very tight fit but so far so good. 60 miles so far and no check engine light. Definitely the farthest it has been with no light since installing the downpipes. Will let you guys know some updates as they come.
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    Did dealer mess up alignment?

    An alignment rack is only as good as the person using it. I've had mine for about 14yrs, done thousands of alignments, nobody is perfect all the time, but getting the steering wheel perfectly straight I've found to be very tricky on some cars since nothing is flat or straight anymore. Ours...
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    Did dealer mess up alignment?

    If you paid for an alignment and the steering wheel is slightly off, bring it back. I have no idea how you think you can do your own alignment on the ground with no measuring equipment. As for the amount of threads showing, there is a reason there are so many threads, tolerances stack up, etc.
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    Spring Mountain Impressions

    Was there the 7th and 8th, to reiterate what everyone else says, what a great experience. Sat down at breakfast not knowing anyone the first day and at the end of second day we were all in the blue group. The track and instructors are all top notch, condo was great, cars were well taken care...
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    Manual trans owners--both 4 and 5

    Like others, driven manuals all my life, the transmission and shifter are one of the best I have driven. I get a slight hitch into second on the first shift of the day and that's it. Sounds like you should take it to a dealer that has another one on the lot to compare it to.
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    CT4-V Blackwing Purple Belt Performance Package

    When are you releasing the tuning module? Spring's coming and I have an itch..
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    For Sale FS: CT4-V Blackwing Tires

    Have any pictures? I'm in Albany NY and am interested.
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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    I have not. Just ordered a set. Probably won't be pulling the car out of storage till March or April so will be awhile to see if they work.
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    Downpipes & CEL - Any solution to PERMANENTLY remove/bypass CEL?

    I have tried a couple different spacers and ideas so far and have had no luck. It's pretty impressive how fast it realizes the cats are not up to snuff. Usually throws a code within 15miles. Jb4 takes about a half second to clear the codes through the phone.
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    Tapout's Flagship CT4-V Blackwing Tops 700 whp!

    Well that looks promising!
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    CT4-V Blackwing on E30 = 546 whp

    Wahoo! How do we get our hands on the e30 tune? I picked up a set of 305 m/t... Spring time should be fun!
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    Jb4 Cabin Cable install Questions

    Can't see much from the inside without pulling down the under dash shield, not going to have time to do that today.
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