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    CT5-V Issues with 6MT Burnout

    Competitive driving mode is what you need. Go into sport mode and press the traction control button twice. That mode eliminates almost all nannies holding back any burnouts.
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    Manual trans owners--both 4 and 5

    My shifter is pretty good however at times when putting it in to first it feels like it's fully engaged when it's not. Once i try to let out the clutch the shifter will pop out of first.
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    CT5-V Kooks exhaust

    Have you experienced any CEL for the new cats on those headers yet?
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    PDR continuous record + overwrite

    Two cats actually. :P
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    CT5-V Kooks exhaust

    Luxury or not it's a sports car! When i need to have my radio off to hear the engine then it's too quiet! :)
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    CT5-V Kooks exhaust

    All i know is I want more sound in cabin without dealing a CEL from the cats from the exhaust and green cats. It's too quiet for me with the valves fully open. If the headers provide that then great but i think i'll still need a new muffler to be happy. Standing by for actual reviews of the...
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    Blackwings and Watches

    Its a Zenith night tonight! Limited edition of 25 and a bronze case to boot. One of my favorite pilot watches I own. The lume is absolutely incredible.
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    GM recalling 740,000 vehicles for headlight issues?

    Bumping this up as the recall finally posted on the Cadillac app for my BW. I called my dealer to schedule getting the recall completed and they told me that the fix for this has not been figured out yet. Said the initial attempts of reprogramming did not fix the issue. Searching online...
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    CT5-V Kooks exhaust

    So i take it Kooks is not working on a catback exhaust for the 5? Is there going to be any appreciable difference in sound with this exhaust??
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    Blackwings and Watches

    Hamilton PSR day. Homage to the first quartz regulated lcd display watch from 1970.
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    Blackwings and Watches

    It's Omega day today. Took this in to my dealer for a fresh battery. It's nice being a regular getting work done for free. :)
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    Blackwings and Watches

    Oh now this is a post I can really enjoy! I'll play.
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    CT5-V Blackwing Performance Mods and Numbers

    Let us know if he gets back to you. I’ve been looking for a catch can for a while.
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    CT5 Blackwing Manual Shut Off

    Manual states with keys out of the car vehicle will shut down after 15 mins. Keys in the car will shut off after 30 mins.
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    Does your Blackwing get a Christmas present?

    Get one of these plastic S-biners and clip the plastic bags to the trunk. There a nice spot just behind the trunk between the speakers you can hang them to. Either that or the cargo tie downs would work too...
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    CT5-V 2023 CT5V Blackwing - Green Filter Installed/Part #

    Arrived today. Impressed by the build quality. Initial impressions with the new filter. Intake noise is a little noticeable now. Still can't hear the SC though. Maybe a little more power from this. Butt dyno says it feels a little faster.
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    V3 carbon mirror caps fit the Ct5V Blackwing

    Nope i've done this before on another vehicle. Very easy. Pro tip if you adjust your mirrors all the way inward you can just use your fingers to pop them off.
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    V3 carbon mirror caps fit the Ct5V Blackwing

    Easy install and looks so much better than the standard painted mirrors.
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    CT5-V Blackwing Performance Mods and Numbers

    I was going to until i found out my green filter will be here Saturday, so I am going to try the filter first and if that isn't enough i'll do the lid.
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