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  1. SIX 40

    Camaro dead in 2024 - Blackwing next?

    This hasn’t been confirmed yet but I’m hearing rumors that the Challenger will be redesigned for ‘24. The top ICE power train will be a HO TT version of the Hurricane inline 6 with about 500hp. I can’t locate the article so it’s possible I dreamt it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. SIX 40

    Blackwing "V" Dealer

    Not historical sales but there's a list somewhere on this site that has the number of nationwide allocations that dealers received for the '22 MY. I'm just not sure where it is, maybe someone else knows? For the record, my local V certified dealer rec'd 5 for MY '22.
  3. SIX 40

    Blackwing "V" Dealer

    Yes, my best advice would be don't do as I did. I tried to place one order with my local dealer hoping that they'd take care of me. They didn't and that combined with the fact that I'm being stubborn on options means I still don't have a car today. It's ok though, I've been really happy with my...
  4. SIX 40

    Blackwing "V" Dealer

    Judging by my experience with my local V Certified dealer it means jack shit. Come to think of it, there was no advantage service-wise either when I owned my V3.
  5. SIX 40

    Got my one year anniversary gift from my dealer

    Don’t be disappointed, you should see First Prize! 😂
  6. SIX 40

    Question For Cadillac Engineers

    Sheeit, once they kill the Camaro they can run Blackwings in NASCAR! 😂
  7. SIX 40

    New here, question on order tracker

    Listen to him, I didn't give a deposit and never got a car! 😂
  8. SIX 40

    CT5-V Finally brought her home !!

    That looks like the one in Bee Cave. I saw it on their website and had my eye on it but knew it had to be spoken for. Congrats!
  9. SIX 40

    Blackwings and Watches

    I like it, that’s the updated version of the “Elvis watch.”
  10. SIX 40

    Dealers That Are Not Charging Above MSRP

    I visited a Sewell store for the first time yesterday, Sewell JLR in Austin. As soon as I exited my car in the service drive, someone brought me a bottle of water. Nice. They also had this sign on display. #texas
  11. SIX 40

    This Was Unexpected - New CT5-V Blackwing in Rift Metallic

    I bought my V3 from Brian. I highly recommend ELCO too. Probably the easiest car purchase I’ve made and I’ve purchased a few! Congrats!
  12. SIX 40

    Did you pay over MSRP

    At my most recent count, my local dealer has 14 CT4 BWs on the ground or in transit. They’re all marked up $5k. While I’m sure they won’t sell all of them at that price, they might be able to move a few if they listed them at MSRP. Stupid. They’ve even marked up their non-BW 4 Vs $2500. Comical.
  13. SIX 40

    CT5 V Blackwing

    I also think we’re nearing the point where just about everyone that wanted a Blackwing has one (except me) 😂
  14. SIX 40

    Roll Call

    Cool! I grew up in a Mopar family too. My first car was a '68 Belvedere, it looked just like your Road Runner but it was a slant 6. :LOL:
  15. SIX 40


    I did/am still doing this this weekend (ice storm cleanup)
  16. SIX 40

    Blackwings and Watches

    FTFY 😂
  17. SIX 40

    chipped/cracked windshield, anything I need to know?

    I had my wife’s windshield replaced last week in her F-Pace. After asking the dealer to get me a quote multiple times with no response, I just called Safelite and had them come to my house. I didn’t even ask if it was OEM glass because it’s a lease and I’m leaning towards returning it next...
  18. SIX 40

    CT4-V Condensation inside - back window

    The circles are likely from the suction cups the factory uses to install glass. I'm not sure what that condensation is about, I've never seen it on the inside of the car before. Keep us posted!
  19. SIX 40

    CT5-V Factory Destroyed 2023 CT5-V Blackwing

    Chick Fil A forgot to include my original sandwich in my drive thru order a few weeks ago. As a result, I ate a chicken strip and half a shake for dinner that night. I mentioned it the next time I went to pick up dinner and they comped the whole meal for my family of 4. I didn't even have to...
  20. SIX 40


    Leased this for the wife back in 2020. The lease is about to mature but we’ll probably just purchase it for $40k rather than deal with the current market. It’s the 380hp S model. Definitely not a canyon carver but it’s fun in Dynamic mode. Believe it or not it has been trouble free while we’ve...
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