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  1. mtrocket

    Independence Day - what are you doing?

    Spent the 4th of July weekend at the lake with friends soaking up the sun and quenching my thirst with a few beers. About 100 degrees on Saturday... weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!
  2. mtrocket

    Another new guy from Texas

    Welcome... glad to have you aboard!!
  3. mtrocket

    New here

    Glad to found us!!! Can hardly wait for the pics!
  4. mtrocket

    Redwoods Road Trip 2014

    Hope you don't mind, but I copied and posted this onto the xlr-net.com site. Maybe you'll get some owners for there as well...
  5. mtrocket

    Southern California newby

    CONGRATS!!!! I know it's been a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG wait...
  6. mtrocket

    Product Review: Ferrari Test Drive

    WOW!!! What an opportunity!!! Glad you had a GREAT time!!!
  7. mtrocket

    Going to dealership thursday

    CONGRATS on your find!!!! Can hardly wait for pics...
  8. mtrocket

    PS2 tires and cold weather

    At least the damage was not as bad as it COULD have been, huh? At least you hit the sign slowly and not another vehicle...
  9. mtrocket

    New from NJ 2012 CTS-V...

    Welcome!!! Glad you decided to pull the trigger and joined the best Cadillac "V' forum on the Internet!!! I don't have a V as of yet; I do, however have an '07 XLR. I'm waiting for the ATSV coming out in 2015, then I'll pull the trigger on a V.
  10. mtrocket

    New from PA

    Welcome, Hatty!!! About time you found this site... anyway, I sent you three separate replies to your PM to me. None showed up in my "sent" folder; hopefully you got at least one of the three... Rod
  11. mtrocket

    California Coast 500 Miglia Overnight Event

    Looks like everyone had a GREAT time... thanks for posting the pics and the link to the rest of the pics.
  12. mtrocket

    Love my 2010 CTS-V

    Congrats on your upgrade to the V2... hope you have lots of fun with it!!
  13. mtrocket

    Cadillac ATS-V To Feature Cadillac's New Twin-Turbo V-6

    For me... I would still rather have a V-8. Must be just old school...
  14. mtrocket

    Tech Info: 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Low-Gloss Matte Paint Finish

    Sounds almost more trouble than it's worth...
  15. mtrocket

    Socal newbie

    What a GREAT wife you have!!! Welcome to the best V forum on the net!!
  16. mtrocket

    new here

    Although I don't own a V yet... welcome to the best V forum on the net!!!!
  17. mtrocket

    Video: Neon Tiki Tribe Helps NYC 1st Grade Class with Flat Stanley Project

    Cool video, Rob... thanks for posting. I once took a Flat Stanley along on a trip to New York for my cousin's daughter. Really a neat program...
  18. mtrocket

    Cadillac ATS-V set to debut with over 400 horsepower at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

    Cool. Can hardly wait for it to hit the dealerships!!!
  19. mtrocket

    New From St Louis Area!

    Nice mods, nice ride. Welcome to the Vnet forum.
  20. mtrocket

    New from Rockaway, NJ

    Great stable... welcome to the Vnet forum.
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