Greetings All.

The last 3 years (10, 11, & 12), my wife and I ran our CTS V in the Big Bend Open Road Race. Last year, there were 2 V Wagons in the race and a couple of other Vs in the area. This year, we switched to our new Corvette and left the V Wagon at home. There was only one V in the race this year and it was a V coupe.

We finished 4th in the 110 MPH class by being 1.164 seconds off the perfect time. It's getting where you have to be less than half a second off after 64+ minutes of driving to pick up a trophy. Tough class.

Here's a few pictures from BBORR:

Open Road Racing 2013-picture-005-jpgOpen Road Racing 2013-picture-003-jpgOpen Road Racing 2013-pastpresent4-jpgOpen Road Racing 2013-picture-004-jpg

There was a replica '63 Corvette Grand Sport there and we got some pictures of our 2 cars together.

Sorry Bill, I forgot to get a picture of your V.