Long Term Test: 2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport - Getting to Grips with the Sedan

By Todd Lassa
Automobile Magazine
Oct 17, 2014

Miles to Date: 6,933

There’s little disagreement that Cadillac has the athleticism part down in attacking the German luxury brands with its new CTS Vsport. Chief engineer David Leone and his crew have managed to find the right balance between handling and maintaining the kind of comfortable ride for which Cadillac always has been known.

“Turn off traction control and it’s not hard to coax the back end to come around,” says road test editor Chris Nelson. “It’s a bit terrifying in a car this big, but it’s also a lot of fun. Not too hard to control the big sedan when it gets unruly.”

“The sharp reflexes and balanced handling of the ATS are in full force here, which is surprising given the CTS’ 500-pound weight increase over its little brother,” Joey Capparella adds. And yet, our associate Web editor notes, “Going over railroad tracks near our office at speed, you feel the impact distinctly, but you hardly hear it and it barely upsets the car at all. This structure must really be stiff.”

Though associate Web editor Jake Holmes appreciates the ride and handling as well, he’s less enamored with the steering and finds the throttle touchy.

“My big complaint is that even in Tour mode, the throttle tip-in is ridiculously aggressive, making it tough to drive this car smoothly without lurching away from every stop.”

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