Hasn't been much activity round these parts in...ohhhh...a LONG time. But what the hell, I'll fire off a new thread anyways.

I'm a new VSport owner. Just picked up a (CPO) 2017 VSport Premium Luxury, triple black. 28K miles.
Since it's going to be my daily driver and sit outside for the rest of it's life here in the Midwest, I'm probably going to have it ceramic coated. Once that's done and lookin' purtier than new, I'll post some pics.

One of the first things I'm gonna do is take it to my local dyno shop...just for shits & grins. Give me a baseline.
Then I might look to have an oil catch can installed. Apparently there is concern with direct injection engines, especially with turbos, that you get carbon build up on valves, and also start to coat your intercoolers with oil residue, which in turns lowers their efficiency.

That's about it for this post. Maybe we'll see some new activity in this forum. Maybe not. ��