Well, I was at my favorite Caddy dealer recently and they have a 2016 CTS V in red with all the options sitting on the showroom floor. Sticker shows just over 98K - ouch. The sales staff and the new car manager were sure hitting on me to buy it and were ready to talk trade in on my V Wagon. So, I asked what they had to have for the new V. 98K they said - sticker. Ouch.

Well I'm not the sort of guy to pay sticker for a car, even a new CTS V. I haven't paid sticker for any of my Cadillacs and I special ordered my V Wagon back in 2010 without paying sticker.

After a little friendly discussion on what they might be willing to allow me for my V Wagon, I would still need to borrow ~40K to make the deal. As a retiree now, my income ain't going to allow that sort of loan and still allow me to live like I want to live. So, I'll just have to wait. Oh well.

Anybody want a bright red CTS V with the full carbon fiber kit and are you willing to pay sticker?