I stopped at a hobby shop (RC shop) yesterday in the V Wagon. Needed some batteries for an electric plane. The hobby shop is in a strip mall with several store fronts on the parking lot. I wasn't in the shop long but when I came out, there were 3 guys around the V Wagon taking pictures and walking around it. One guy was trying to tell the other two about the car. He was getting most of it right too.

I had to show them the car and spend a little time talking about it. Opened up the rear to show them the model plane I had strapped down there and features of the wagon. Of course they wanted to see me "get in it" when I left. I made sure the plan was secure and layed on it a bit (okay a lot) in first when I left.

The V Wagon is a real sleeper but one guy knew what he was looking at and now 2 more do.