[REVIEW] Odyssey Extreme Battery for Your Cadillac ATS-V

by Hib Halverson

At the Cadillac V-Net, one of the Torque Network family of web sites, when we put the "Blue BMW Buster," our 2016 ATS-V six-speed in service, I began to think about an Odyssey Extreme Battery for the car. We have them in other Torque Network's test cars and they have been great products. When we contacted EnerSys, its Specialty Marketing Manager, Alan Kohler, advised that the Extreme series doesn't cover any Cadillac ATS. Kohler went on to say that Odysseyís other sub-brand, the Performance series, offers a battery (PN 48-720) which matches the ATS-Vís stock, ACDelco 48AGM's dimensions. The Odyssey Performance Battery is, also, just a scosh lighter, at 48-pounds. vs the ACDís 49-lbs. but is more powerful.

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