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[Product Review] Odyssey Battery Charger

Odyssey Battery Charger

Odyssey Battery Charger by Hib Halverson I have Odyssey Batteries in most of my cars including one which the V-Net uses to evaluate products, the 2016 ATS-V Coupe we call the “Blue BMW Buster.” Click here to read an evaluation of the Odyssey Performance Series Battery we use in that car. Odysseys are premium, absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries known ...

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[Product Review] AutoMeter Battery Extender

Autometer Batter Extender

AutoMeter Battery Extender by Hib Halverson You may own Cadillac Vs which are parked or stored for long periods. If you do, it’s possible you’ve had a dead battery. Even the best battery, when not connected to anything, slowly discharges because of the chemical processes at work inside it. Once hooked to your car’s electrical system, besides that tiny, self-discharge ...

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[REVIEW] Odyssey Battery for Your Cadillac ATS-V

Image: EnerSys Odyssey Battery

by Hib Halverson At the Cadillac V-Net, one of the Torque Network family of web sites, when we put the “Blue BMW Buster,” our 2016 ATS-V six-speed in service, I began to think about an Odyssey Extreme Battery for the car. We have them in other Torque Network’s test cars and they have been great products. When we contacted EnerSys, ...

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Product Review: Maradyne “Fast&Cool Air Blower”

Maradyne "Fast&Cool Air Blower"

by Hib Halverson In the V-Net testing shop, we’ve been evaluating a Maradyne “Fast&Cool Air Blower” and we use it for two different purposes. Occasionally, when we have a car idling for a long period, we need a fan to increase cooling air flow though the car’s radiator. An example might be if we are recording engine controls data during ...

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