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PRODUCT REVIEW: GearWrench Mechanic’s Creeper

Modern Spin on an Age Old Shop Tool by Hib Halverson Mechanic’s creepers have been around for decades. Back when I was working as a service technician, I remember the shop which employed me had two of those wooden creepers with the funny, metal, swiveling wheels. Once I was out of the service trade, I got used to working on ...

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PRODUCT REVIEW: MSD Pro Power Coils for the 2006 – 2015 Cadillac CTS-V

MSD Pro Power Coil

MSD Pro Power Coils for 2006-20015 CTS-Vs by Hib Halverson The original versions of MSD’s “Blaster LS” ignition coils for GM “LS” V8s had a reputation for poor reliability. The current versions of that product are made in China. Considering those two situations, why would someone having a reasonably good record for useful product reviews would want to test that ...

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Best DIY Brake Bleeder by GearWrench

Best DIY Brake Bleeder by Hib Halverson I’ve owned my ATS-V for two and a half years and almost 22,000 miles so, this week, it was time to flush the brakes. For over 20 years, when I’ve done brake work in my little DIY shop, I’ve used a small, hand-pumped, pressure bleeder, but recently, it malfunctioned so I replaced it. ...

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[Product Review] Big Ass Light Bar by Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Light Bar

You’d think “Big Ass Solutions” would be a clever name for a weight-loss plan or a cosmetic surgery clinic. Actually, it’s an engineering and manufacturing company whose flagship product lines are very large, energy efficient ceiling fans and LED lighting fixtures for the commercial and industrial markets. It was founded in 1999 as the “HVLS Fan Company” (“HLVS” meaning “high-volume, ...

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[PRODUCT REVIEW] GearWrench 120XP Ratchets by Hib Halverson

GearWrench 120XP Ratchets

For most DIYs, a ratchet and socket set was probably one of the first tools ever acquired. When I started doing a little historical research on ratchets, I was surprised to learn that the ratcheting socket wrench and interchangeable sockets were invented in 1863. It was weird thinking that what many consider a core tool in their rollaway being a ...

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