• We caught the new CTS-V track testing, and boy does it sound nasty.

    Our detailed shots reveal the CTS-V's aggressive new front- and rear-fascias and their attendant sculpted lower side sills. The improved chassis on the standard CTS is a promising starting point for the new V to truly challenge as a legitimate alternative to the highest-performance sedans in the market segment.

    The CTS-V prototype was seen sporting the same vertically-slatted grille which we have already seen on the ATS-V. This new grille design would represent a huge departure in the look and feel of Cadillac's V models if this grille is truly destined for the final production CTS-V models. A similar grille design has also been spotted on prototypes for Cadillac's ATS-V coupe and sedan, so we may truly be looking at the new face of high-performance Cadillacs. It has been suggested that Cadillac designers are looking for greater visual differentiation for their full-on V models, with the introduction of the less-potent V-sport trim, which adheres closer to the look of the standard CTS.

    So, crank your speakers up and enjoy this video.