Got the Vagon out of the garage this morning and drove it to work. I try to do this once a week or so and today is a beautiful day for a drive to work. Except for the traffic - it was heavy this morning and with folks hypermiling to work. Really messes with my brain.

Most of the time I drive the old Vette but that may change late this year as I've just got to buy a new 2013 Vette. I was planning to hold off until the C7 is released for 2014 but then GM goes and creates a 427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Collector's Edition for 2013 and in my colors. Now I've got to pay off the Vagon sooner rather than later. If I do that, the Vagon will definitely be my daily driver in 2013. Hurt me!

As an old friend used to say: "I got the boundtos worse than the canthelpits!"